Jules Akola, a newly appointed government official claims to halt rising underground street crime, namely drug lord Sydney Smalls and wingman Tio Spence. Once Tio learns Smalls is playing favorites, he regretfully employs two petty criminals, Aaron and Moor to investigate. Jules, now alleged of murder, is sought by the lovely Angie, a covert cop whose persuasive charm leads Prudence, Jules fiancée, in the arms of Fischer, a wayward clergyman who Jules inadvertently confides in.

Produced By:

Mukesh Asopa 

Executive Producer:

Twinkle Asopa


Mukesh Asopa , Charles Ross 

  • Mukesh Asopa
  • Christine Saade
  • Lee Sandford
  • Voytek Skrzeta
  • Glenda MacInnis
  • Khalid Klein
  • Steve Nicholson
  • Jennifer Pullon
  • Dave Bath
  • Kim Sonderholm
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Chambers Gate Trailer - A Mukesh Asopa Film
Chambers Gate Teaser Clip - "A Mukesh Asopa Film"