We see different tastes of relation at different point of life...Some are sweet...Some are salty...Some are sour...but some are very bitter. There is fun, love, emotions, sacrifice, death and lots more. There is one truth "A service to mankind can be the gift for your life".

Produced By:

Mukesh Asopa 

Executive Producer:

Twinkle Asopa


 Mukesh Asopa

  • Mukesh Asopa
  • Swetalina Tripathy
  • Aruna Bhatnagar
  • Tree Ryde
  • Kamal Nandi
  • Roya Hakami
  • Sumeet Khera
  • Yury Ruzhyev
  • Lloyd Foster
  • Farid Yazdani
  • Holly Sarchfield.
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The Taste Of Relation Trailer - "A Mukesh Asopa Film"
The Taste Of Relation Teaser Clip - "A Mukesh Asopa Film"